Interchange – Fall 2010

Spring to summer has passed quickly at Hopewell Centre. During that time we witnessed a renewal of marriage vows between Friends Pam and Mike Hambach. Yearly Meeting campers came to worship, and led us in song — always a joyous occasion. Some of us traveled to Frostburg to spend an all-too-brief time at Annual Session, bringing back much to those at home.

We’ve enjoyed rich Religious Ed programs delivered by members on near-death experiences; peace via Thich Nhat Hanh; Rex Ambler’s Experiment with Light meditation; and Friends Conference on Religious and Psychology. Our Seekers’ Group, now a Committee, continues to explore Quaker process and discernment, capping off this last series with a minute written on Same Sex Marriage.

Our new Committee of the Interior along with our Recording Clerk are in the process of re-assessing the upkeep of our landmark Meeting House and our historical records. We now face the monumental task of restoring plaster inside the Meeting House for which we will need to raise substantial funds.

Our recent Homecoming celebration marked our 276th year and brought home as always, many who we had not seen in a great while. In a gathered Meeting for Worship, we closed with a calling forth of the names of those no longer with us in body but felt in spirit. A&O Clerk Rebecca Ebert presented a brief history of the Virginia Exiles — Quakers in Revolutionary War times who were exiled to Winchester from Pennsylvania for their refusal to fight or support the war in any way.

Sadly, we must add that in April, we mourned the passing of our dear, dear Friend Bob Sekinger who was much loved by our Meeting. As a community we gathered with him and his family to “see him off” as he set sail on this next phase of life’s journey.

As fall and end-of-year approach, we look forward to planning a second series of public talks on Quaker beliefs that were so successful for us in our 275th Anniversary Year. We wish all of our Friends in Baltimore Yearly Meeting a bountiful harvest and may this be our winter of “content.”

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